Covid 19 Update, July 10, 2020.

Just a reminder that wearing masks is mandatory in our state for all indoor public places. For that reason, I am asking each one who attends on both Sunday and Wednesday nights to wear a mask while inside our building. We will leave it to you as to how you navigate what to do when we sing, but will ask that you wear one while I am teaching.

There has been both an increase of Covid cases in our state while at the same time there are more tourists visiting our area. This virus doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. I am also concerned that we do not establish a precedent of bucking the system when we assemble, but are compliant everywhere else. We are instructed to respect the decisions of those in government (Titus 3:1). Thirdly, a colleague of mine who pastors a church became complacent in wearing masks and social distancing during church gatherings and has experienced a significant outbreak, including him, his wife, and all of staff becoming infected.  Fourthly, many of us are in a higher risk category, and we need to take necessary precautions for each others’s safety.

A quick check of some of the other local church’s websites is that they are, as we, asking people to wear a mask while attending services. Some are not able to meet yet. We do not like to oversee people’s choices, but it is also our responsibility to provide a safe environment for all of us to gather for word, fellowship and worship.

We have masks available for those who do not have them. I remind you that our Sunday morning message is also available on our website shortly after our morning service is complete.